Tree Relocation: How To Do It Right And Get The Best Results in Hallandale Beach

Tree Relocation: How To Do It Right And Get The Best Results in Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach can rightly be described as the “middle child” among South Floridian beaches. You can’t really compare it with the all flashy Hollywood Beach. But sometimes, what you need is serenity, convenience, and simple natural beauty, which is exactly what Hallandale Beach has to offer you. As you drive towards the beach, you’ll be completely blown away by the amazing scenery. You’ll even want to spend a few extra moments taking it all in. And what better therapy than spending a day out with nature all around you?

Speaking of nature, there is a growing concern for the environment. Human activity seems to be overwhelming the natural environment. But what efforts can help to alleviate the existing problems? In this post, we’ll look at this concern and how to have a successful tree relocation within the beautiful Hallandale Beach and its environs.

Are we really conserving the environment?

Tree Relocation: How To Do It Right And Get The Best Results in Hallandale Beach

You’ve probably heard of many efforts to preserve the environment. One of them involves planting trees because they play a key role in the ecosystem. But have you ever wondered whether such efforts are likely to yield the results we hope for? The following post may surprise you…

Reforestation programs can negatively impact people’s livelihoods, too. Pakistan’s “10 Billion Trees Tsunami” program reportedly led to tenants being evicted from their land by landowners looking to establish tree plantations, and also lost more than $3 million due to corruption.

We could learn a lot from problems like these, but scientific analyses of them are rare. We ultimately have no way of even knowing how many reforestation projects have failed outright. “I think the main knowledge gap is that we don’t know the level of success of restoration projects, because usually people only report results and have data on successful projects,” Brancalion said. Resources that go into planting the wrong trees in the wrong place are wasted and would have been better spent on a different intervention, he added. Read more at Mongabay

It is devastating to hear that reforestation can actually lead to negative results. Deep thought needs to go into the planning process. Similarly, any other tree project needs to be supported with the right information, including tree relocation.

Tree Relocation Mistakes

Tree Relocation: How To Do It Right And Get The Best Results in Hallandale Beach

If you need to move a tree for any reason, then you know you need to do it well so that it survives. Did you know you can plant a tree too deep? Find out about that in the following post:

Root flare, also called trunk flare, is extremely important to a tree’s health. The root flare is found at the base of the trunk where the tree’s trunk ends and the root system begins.

Often roots develop about 12 inches below the soil line, which is just below the tree flare. Root flare depth is important. Trunk tissue surrounding the root flare, the phloem, can rot if it receives too much moisture. Phloem is an important part of a tree because it helps in the manufacture of energy for foliage production. Burying the root flare or piling it high with mulch when planting a tree can encourage the rot of the phloem. Read more at Rayzors Edge Tree Service

When a tree is planted too deep, it will rot, experience foliage problems, poor growth, and dieback as well as poor health and disease. You may want to work with a tree expert to avoid any of these eventualities.

How to succeed in tree relocation

Tree Relocation: How To Do It Right And Get The Best Results in Hallandale Beach

Information is power, and f you have the right details, you can have a successful tree relocation project. Here are some of them:

Create Good Tree Planting Strategies

Identify locations and planting needs that become available as trees are destroyed or removed. Improving the landscape’s safety and health requires understanding management principles, such as diversity and species selection. However, considering the impact of site infrastructure, including streets, pavements, and utilities, chooses the right tree for the right place.

Schedule Tree Work

If you are evaluating trees for risk, the arborist should note any tree maintenance needs. The inspection can determine the priority and work needed. It is prioritized first for safety and tree health and considers the potential risk and the client’s needs. Read more at Arbor Craft Tree Services

Relocating any tree, whether young or mature, is a delicate process. But it is possible when you work with the experts.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about your tree relocation project. EPS Landscaping and Tree Service is here to ensure your trees are relocated and thrive where they are planted. Call us today for the best tree services in Hallandale Beach, FL.

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