Tree Removal: Why It’s Necessary and What To Do Afterward

Tree Removal: Why It’s Necessary and What To Do Afterward

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Even so, the festival isn’t designed to last forever, and eventually, the party will end. This is the same for trees. In a time when there is a heightened awareness about the environment, there are instances where tree removal is unavoidable. This post will help you navigate this topic and deliver solid solutions for you.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree Removal: Why It’s Necessary and What To Do Afterward

Everyone knows that trees are a great part of the environment. They provide food, shelter through shade, they purify the air and even prevent soil erosion while attracting the rain. However, some circumstances call for tree removal as the following post explains:

When a tree develops problems, it is frequently difficult to decide when to remove it. Many factors such as the cost of tree work and even sometimes emotional ties to the tree can come into play. Dying trees that are located in natural areas and do not pose a danger to property and people can be allowed to die in place without human intervention. Dead trees serve as places for various species of woodpeckers and other wildlife to find food and a place to nest.  But hazardous trees that have structural defects that could potentially cause injury to people or damage property need immediate attention. They should be evaluated by a certified arborist. Read more at UMD

Dead or damaged trees are not safe for anyone. They need to be removed as soon as possible before any incidences come up.

The Downside of Tree Removal

Tree Removal: Why It’s Necessary and What To Do Afterward

Whereas tree removal is unavoidable in some circumstances, you still need to be clear on what you’re losing out on. This will help you properly assess your situation and seek the way forward.

Decreased Privacy

Strategically placed trees can offer privacy from the road and from neighbors. When considering removing a tree, go out and walk around the tree. Visualize the area without the tree. Will you be losing screening that feels valuable to you?

Loss of Environmental Benefits

Trees have an important role in the overall ecosystem of not only our planet, but also of your property and the region where you live. Each tree hosts hundreds of different types of insects like caterpillars, ants and that provide food for birds and other animals. Mature trees also drop hundreds of thousands of leaves each year which house beneficial insects. And their root systems and canopies help rain infiltrate into the soil instead of running off into streets and flooding waterways. Read more at Eco Tree Company

You’ll also experience higher utility bills and lose the historical significance attached to an old tree, for example.

Recovering From Tree Removal

Tree Removal: Why It’s Necessary and What To Do Afterward

While it may be impossible to replace the tree you removed, there are other ways you can help to salvage your environment. One option to consider is planting grass, as it contributes to making your yard cooler and more conducive for outdoor relaxation.

When you’ve finally decided to cut down that old tree on your property, the next step is preparing to plant a new lawn. When planting grass after tree removal, there are two distinct approaches: bring in sod or seeding the soil with high quality grass seed.

The right approach will depend on your budget and how much time and work you want to put in.

Laying sod is highly physical and is usually more costly than normal seeding. Read more at Hidden Oak Tree Care

Whatever you do, don’t allow your yard to be an eyesore. There are several options you can go for. In fact, you could also consider tree relocation altogether if the tree is healthy. That way, you still get to keep your tree and your yard keeps its natural beauty.

And if you need a professional hand or advice as you make your decision concerning tree removal, we are here for you! EPS Landscaping and Tree Service boasts a proven track record of excellent services to its Deerfield Beach, FL clients. We go over and above your expectations to deliver a great-looking yard, all year round. Get in touch with us today!

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