What Makes Palm Tree Removal So Complicated?

What Makes Palm Tree Removal So Complicated?

Are you wondering where you could visit during the summer holidays? Do you need a perfect break from the usual routine? Well, you can consider a visit to Hallandale Beach. It is the ideal location if you need to reconnect with nature. First, the beaches are so amazing, they have been acknowledged among the best beaches in Florida. Secondly, on your way to the beach, you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking scenes. Thirdly, as much as there’s beautiful scenery, the beach isn’t as flashy as others. So, you won’t have to deal with large crowds.

Hallandale Beach is somewhat like palm trees. Beautiful and full of unique features. Palm trees can add so much beauty to the areas where they’re planted. Yet, removing them can be quite a task. This post will explore this subject.

Palm trees can die prematurely

What Makes Palm Tree Removal So Complicated?

Did you know that it only takes a bad trimming job to destroy a palm tree completely? The facts show that palm trees, although majestic, can be greatly affected if their fronds are over-trimmed. This would then require you to remove the whole palm tree. And that’s quite a task

If you cut the bud off a plant before it flowers, it can no longer produce a flower. Palm trees work in a similar way with their leaves (fronds) are part of an ever flowering bud. If you remove it, the palm tree will not continue to grow. The stump will dry out and die.

At this point, your will need to look at getting your palm tree removed as the trunk will only become unstable in time.

Palm tree stump removal can also be carried out at this time, or it can be left in the ground to rot. Read more at Go Tree Quotes

If you find yourself in a situation where your palm tree fronds have been destroyed, then you can be sure that’s the death of the tree. You can as well begin planning for palm tree removal.

Palm trees can be heavy

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Mature palm trees are majestic in height, they grow much taller than other trees. So, you’re likely to spot them from a distance. Yet, the older they are, the more the stump thickens to support their height and keep them steady. So, if you need to remove a mature palm tree, you’re in for some laborious work.

How hard is it to remove a palm tree?

Palm trees are very heavy and can damage nearby structures, so consider hiring a tree removal company. If you wish to remove the tree yourself, save the tree for replanting by digging up the roots or eliminate it by trimming it gradually with a chainsaw. Work slowly to ensure that the palm tree comes down safely.

How hard is it to dig out a palm tree?

Although palms are generally easier to transplant than similarly sized broadleaf trees because they produce new roots near the base of the plant and require a relatively small root mass, digging the palm up properly will make the process easier and increase the palm’s likelihood for survival and rapid establishment in. Read more at Senior Care 2 Share

Both removing or digging out a palm tree call for careful planning and execution so that the process is risk-free.

The stump is problematic

What Makes Palm Tree Removal So Complicated?

Say you have successfully cut down the palm tree and are left with the stump. You may feel like leaving it in the ground and using it as a natural chair or table. But what if you need to use the space for something else?

The look of a palm tree would immediately give anyone a tropical vibe. These tropical trees have a hundred thin roots that only expand in length and not in size like other trees.

So the older the palm tree the deeper the roots grow. It may take a while to reach the root ball since the hair-like branches of roots may get in the way.

Roots of young palm trees are shallow and can be easily removed by hand. However, old palm trees may take hours or even days to remove.

So, if you have the old ones, brace yourself for a day of physical labor, or let’s just say a workout. Read more at Our Garden Works

For you to clear your yard of a palm tree stump, you’re better off engaging a tree service expert.

You need not worry about your palm tree removal process when the professionals are just a call away. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we offer our clients the best tree services at unbeatable prices. Call us today for stress-free palm tree removal.

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