Why You Need Professional Tree Care Services in Fort Lauderdale

Why You Need Professional Tree Care Services in Fort Lauderdale

As you prepare for Spring Break or Summer, you may be wondering where to visit. Well, Fort Lauderdale has many promising destinations and interesting facts you may want to check out for yourself. If you don’t believe it, then consider this: Port Everglades is ranked 3rd among the busiest ports in the world. In fact, it serves about four million tourists annually! Well, that may be a pre-Covid statistic, but you can be sure Fort Lauderdale is still a great place to visit. And these numbers tell the story vividly.

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, try not to lose the awe, and wonder of all that the city has to offer. Also, you can have an amazing spot to retreat to right within your yard. This is possible through professional landscaping and tree care services. So, if you’ve been DIYing your yard care, and need a change, this post will show you what you stand to benefit from professional services.

Start Right

Why You Need Professional Tree Care Services in Fort Lauderdale

Say you removed a tree and now need to plant another one, you need an expert’s input. Even if you’ve been a gardener all your life, there’s still a lot you can gain from a professional tree care expert.

Planting trees is a difficult task, even for experienced gardeners. It requires knowledge of the local climate and soil conditions in order to determine which species will thrive in that environment.

A professional arborist can help you decide on the best tree for your property, whether it be an oak or maple, red or white pine. Arborists are certified so you know you’re dealing with professionals who have passed rigorous examinations before being allowed to practice their trade.

When you call an arborist they’ll send an expert out to your property at no charge so they can examine your land and recommend what type of tree would be best suited there based on its location, slope aspect etc… Read more at RJS Tree Services

Starting off on the right foot guarantees you’ll have a beautiful and easy-to-maintain yard.

Ensure Your Trees Thrive

Why You Need Professional Tree Care Services in Fort Lauderdale

After planting a tree or trees, there’s quite some work involved in ensuring that the tree thrives. One of the professional tree care services that contribute greatly to this is tree trimming. Here are some of the benefits of professional tree trimming:

Better Overall Health: Far from hurting your trees, periodically trimming branches can help keep them healthy for as long as possible. Consider that for extremely large trees, it’s often difficult to get adequate nutrients from the soil. Trimming branches may allow your tree to utilize a smaller amount of nutrients, so it doesn’t always have to work so hard to stay healthy. And of course, it’s always better to get rid of a tree branch that’s infected or diseased rather than let this dead appendage linger on the tree. This brings us to…

Fewer Diseases: Regular trimming is a great way to detect diseases in your tree before they can spread. Once our experts look at the branches that have been cut off, we can assess the severity of the disease and suggest further action to help, from tree disease and pest control to complete tree removal. Read more at Purple Care

It’s a good deal, isn’t it?

Avoid The Dangers of DIYing

Why You Need Professional Tree Care Services in Fort Lauderdale

There’s really nothing wrong with DIY tree care especially if you absolutely enjoy it as a hobby. However, the flip side is that there’s some level of expertise you honestly lack. This makes all the difference especially in detecting problematic issues in your trees and in the tree care processes.

The arborist’s tools of the trade include ladders, hand saws, and chainsaws – all of which can be dangerous implements when handled by a non-professional and when safety precautions are not observed…

Tree branches can seem to be sturdy and healthy, but looks can be deceiving. If you settle your weight on a dead, rotted branch when you are twenty feet off the ground, it can easily give way, causing severe injury or worse. A trained professional tree trimming service can easily identify rotted branches and unhealthy trees. Read more at Affordable Tree Service Inc

You are safer leaving the complex stuff to the professionals.

Moreover, at EPS Landscaping and Tree Service, we offer you the full range of tree care services. This includes tree installation, trimming, relocation, removal, and even stump grinding and removal. We’ve got you covered. Call us today for any professional tree care service in Fort Lauderdale.

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